Happy Birthday

My 30th Birthday is turning into an existential crisis.

Normally I don’t do anything for my birthday. If I don’t expect anything I can’t be disappointed. But turning 30 is a big deal to me and I want to make a big deal about it. There in lies the problem. What the hell do I do? The last party I had was a skating party at High Rollers when I was 10. But a party doesn’t feel right because I’d be embarrassed to have people over to my shabby apartment and most of my friends will be out of town anyway. So my natural choice is travel. New Orleans is in the running because Southern Decedance is that weekend. Although I’m worried that I won’t have fun. The focus of the city seems to be hard core drinking. As much as I’ve grown in that area, I still get bored with it for a whole weekend. Plus I want the weekend to be about me and I think that will be difficult to maintain in the Big Easy. September 2nd should be a symbol of the next ten years. Good thing I’m not putting to much pressure on it or anything! 🙂

As you can tell I over think everything. Maybe I’ll wait until the last minute and be totally spontaneous and go somewhere on my own. Maybe get a hotel room in New York for the weekend to walk around and explore. But even New York seems routine. What’s the complete opposite of what I’d normally do? No really…I’m asking.


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