The Gay Pilrimage

A blog about the daily events in your life is boring. ‘I went here, with him, and did that’ …it’s basically long form facebook. However I had such a good time in New York this past weekend, I couldn’t let it pass without a special mention. So indulge me for a moment. So without further adieu…here’s a recap of Saturday in the city:

We drove. No traffic and a free parking spot. Score! Thank you Russ for driving.
I went to the city on a gay pilgrimage. The Alexander McQueen exhibit finally opened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With the exception of Stan and Joe, most of my friends don’t share my interest for fashion and I was planning on going solo. I was proved wrong when Justin asked to come along. Soon Russ and Josh joined in and we had our 4some.
The exhibit had a line that was an hour long. When we left there was an hour and a half wait. To say there was a lot of people is like saying the north pole is a bit chilly.
One of the life’s best simple pleasures is a big soft pretzel from a street vendor.
Central park is great for people watching. Where else can you see a half naked black man do bare foot yoga complete with two giant rubber balls while a bride takes her wedding photos 10 feet way?
If you have a large group (in numbers or physical size) I recommend Dallas BBQ. It’s shockingly big especially for a NYC restaurant. In addition everything come in standard or Texas size.
Rice to Riches. I HATE rice pudding. Although I have a laundry list of food issues so that should come as a big jaw dropper. But Rice to Riches is endearing and cute. With a modern atmosphere of white and orange, the shop is fun and charming. I dare you to try and not take a cell phone pic of one of the clever saying posted to the wall. (I couldn’t resist) If your like me and rice pudding isn’t your groove get a White Chocolate Mocha Latte. Maybe the best coffee I’ve ever had.
New York City men. I’ve never found the men in NY to be all that sexy. They’re not ugly but they’re also not HOT. I wonder if the sexy boys are like a hidden gem. You have to stay a while and do some digging before you can uncover them. “Come out Come out where ever you are!”

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