I Need Your Help!

Does anyone own a fleshlight? I’ve always wanted to buy one but I’m hesitant because of the price. (approx $60-$70) On their website fleshlight.com there are pre-built versions as well as ‘create your own.’ I don’t even know where to start. Original, Pure, Vibro, Alien? Is there one ‘sleeve’ that’s better then the others? I’d love any recommendations. They also have modes shaped like beer a can that I find incredibly fun. Yet again, are there pros/cons? If anyone has one please help!

On a similar note, I wanted to give my review of a product I’ve purchased: the Aneros Prostate Stimulator. I bought this small plastic tool a couple years ago because it gave the promise of amazing pleasure by stimulating the prostate with it’s unique shape. I’m here to tell you that is does not work. If anything it’s best for a beginner who’s very tight. This tiny probe has a shaft that is 3 3/4 inches. I’m sorry I need something bigger…or at least thicker. At $48.00 it’s a total rip off.  Beware.

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