"Did you hear the joke about the black guy?"

Has racism been making a comeback? Or is it that people are more honest about it? Most of the ignorance I witness is in the from of jokes and there seems to be a growing comfort level with these jokes. You never know the background or history someone else has. Wouldn’t you be afraid of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person? Then again, I’ve seen a person make racist remarks around black/mixed people.

“It’s just a joke, I don’t really mean it.”
Are you kidding me? Would it be worse to keep it a secret? I guess if the tables were turned, I would want it out in the open. In addition I am also at fault for letting the remarks go by without protest. By not saying otherwise I feed the assumption that it’s acceptable. Although I find it especially odd when gay people are racist. The generalizations and ignorance around all minorities have a similar foundation. If it’s different it’s scary, wrong, or bad.

Hopefully next time I will have more answers then questions.

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