Cute Face vs Big Dick: Round 2

Nothing gets to me like a cute face. Everyone has their own idea of what makes someone cute. Personally, I have a weekness for round faces with facial hair. However a cute face can be ruined by a the bad personality. As I was pulling pictures for this post I found it hard to pull pictures of people I didn’t like. That’s why I chose to only use picture of people I know and like. All the men pictured have both the looks and the personality to match. You’d be lucky to date any one of them.

P.S. There are two footnotes to this post. One…this post was the rebuttle to Cute Faces vs Big Dicks. However that doesn’t mean any of the men pictured are lacking below the belt. Second: I have to give a shout out to one of my good friend Bob Malden. I wanted to have his picture in this post but the space and lay out just wouldn’t allow it. Sorry Bob!

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