Cute Face vs Big Dick: Round 1

Is there such a thing as a dick that’s to big? For example. Mr. OXO on the  right: He’s not my usual type, but his thick dick is so mouth wateringly hot that I just can’t resist. But his face isn’t cute and that’s the problem. If I saw him out in public I wouldn’t give him a second look, only to miss out on all that ass splitting perfection. Have you ever noticed that the guy with the biggest dick is plain and unassuming from the neck up? I usually will go for a cute face, but maybe I should start to rethink that decision.


One thought on “Cute Face vs Big Dick: Round 1

  1. I LOVE big dicks. I can only orgasm from getting fucked IF the dick is 7 inches minimum and thick (6 inches around). BUT…I have to go for face, sorry. I will admit, I have only hooked up with an unattractive guy for his big dick, but I did not have as much fun. I really would much rather be with a guy with a face I can stare at for hours while getting fucked by his small or average size dick. It may be small and can't get me off, but he still has that hot face that can SUCK me off!


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