Did Your Stylist Quit?

What happened? Monday night was the Costume Institute’s Gala for the Opening of the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Most of the celebs that attended looked ridiculous. It goes to show you that even the fashion set can get it wrong. Really, go to any website and look up pictures from the event. It was one trainwreck after another. Rumors were that Beyonce was actually BOO’d by the paparazzi! The two biggest offenders: Carolyn Murphy (left with Tom Ford) and Naomi Campbell (right). Both are two of the world’s most beautiful women and yet they both look HORRIBLE! I’ll begin with Naomi. Here is a valuable lesson. Don’t compete with your own look. If you wear an intricate dress always pair it with simple hair. Also, what’s wrong with your face? You don’t even look like yourself. Now to Carolyn Murphy, what exactly are you wearing? It looks like a used purple dish towel covered in black mesh lace. I’m horrified to learn that it’s a Tom Ford design. Two of the bright spots were Madonna who kept it clean and simple is a blue 40’s inspired dress and Jennifer Lopez in 70’s inspired Gucci. (Click on any of the pics to view the larger image)
If you get a chance to check out the other photos, be sure to look out for the other messes like Christina Ricci, Rihanna, Fergie,Serena Williams, and Kristen Stewart. Fergie could have been saved if she took off that stupid beaded head band. 
As a side note: if you’re looking at the pictures on Yahoo, the captions don’t match the picture starting around picture

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