Helpful Tip #22

Back up your important information- Specifically everyone’s phone number. I’ve never had my phone crash and die but in case I do I’m prepared. Originally my back up was a crude hand written paper with everyone name and cell phone number on it. Then I had a much better idea! I use Yahoo as my main email service and I took all of the phone numbers and inputed them into the contact section on Yahoo Mail. (Most email service offer this basic features) Yes, creating new contact information can be tedious and time consuming if you know a lot of people. A lazy version of this is to quickly type all the phone numbers in an email and send it to yourself. Save the email in a separate folder and you’ll always have it when you need it. (I email myself important info all the time) While you’re at it try and get the person’s address too. The great thing about having it saved electronically is that you can access it from anywhere. If your cell phone ever dies or is stolen now you’ll have a back up plan. We’ve all seen the Facebook updates: “I lost my phone and all my contacts. Text me your number.”
 If you have a persons address it can also save you in a couple a key situations. For example, one of your close friends has a death in the family and you want to send a card or flowers. You’ve been to their house…but what’s the street number and zip code? Nothing is worse then having to ask someone for their address just before sending them something.

P.S. If you need someone’s address you can visit It’s strangly accurate.


A Must Have!

Go out and buy these shorts now! These H&M shorts may look unassuming but they hide a secret. They are the best pairs of shorts I’ve owned in a long long time. I first stumbled on them by accident last year. I picked up a white pair on a whim and I wasn’t even sure they’d fit me. When I tried them on for the first time I quickly discovered that they make your ass AND crotch look great. Trust me. For simple shorts… you will get noticed! I’ve always gotten rave reviews with them on. At $24.95 they won’t break the bank either. If you’re worried about size…H&M does run slim. However these shorts are more forgiving then you’d think.

Jennifer VS Britney

All of my iTunes music is stored on my desktop computer which is about 7 years old and take about 1/2 hour to fully start up. So when I got a new laptop I decided it was time to make the long needed switch over. Needless to say the process was a pain in the ass and I was up until about 2:30 am. Luckily it’s done and now I can download easier and more often. Two of my first choices were Britney’s new song is Till The World Ends and JLo’s single is On The Floor. Both songs are good but when you watch the video’s there is a clear winner. Although Jennifer Lopez was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman, she can’t compete with Spears. JLo’s video isn’t bad but most of her dance moves consist shacking her hair extensions. And what’s with the feather collar? Good job Britney, you win round 1. As a side note: I hate when iTunes doesn’t load the correct album cover or shows it as blank! At least an hour was spent just updating album covers.


No I don’t hate you but there are many other words I detest. The English language has an endless amount of words to choose from. Not all of them are gems. Here are some of the words I can’t stand:

Couture- Over use has watered down and bleached it of all meaning.

Boo- Referring to a boyfriend. If you’re not an urban school girl you should never use this word outside of Halloween.
Diva- After 70 Divas Live concerts the word is void of all meaning. Miley Cyrus is not a diva.
Bling- Here’s a drinking game. Watch a show about a bride planning her wedding and take a shot every time she says Bling. You’ll be drunk before she buys a dress.

Husbear-This is almost as bad a Boo. The only saving grace is that it’s not as commonly used.
Panties- I asked Facebook what words people hated and this was the overwhelming winner. (or loser depending on how you look at it)

Moist- I don’t mind moist but everyone else (including my mother) hates it.

As a side note: Rue and Shank are two of my favorite words.

Stop the Insanity!

Dear Natalie Protman,
Congratulations on winning the Oscar for your performance in Black Swan. It was much deserved. Your portrayal of Nina was both layered and moving. The reason for my letter is that I am concerned about your recent movie choices. Are you trying to kill your career or have you just sold out to the highest pay check? I understand you have bills to pay with a newborn coming, but that does not explain the current string of mush at the theater. For example, as you walked the red carpets of award season No Strings Attached was opening at the box office. A fuck buddy movie with Ashton Kutcher. Ok, I’ll give you a pass on that one. They probably gave you buckets of money and at least it opened in first place. Now your current movie is Your Highness. A mid evil stoner comedy that doesn’t even star Seth Rogan. Because whenever I watch funny stoner movies I always think to myself…”The only thing that could make this movie better is if it was set in the year 1500!” It doesn’t end there. Upcoming in May is Thor. A CGI ‘Greek warrior who god comes to earth to save the planet’ epic fail of a film. Natalie when will the massacre end?!? Haven’t we learned anything from Jamie Foxx? One Oscar doesn’t ensure a successful career. 
Worried in West Hartford