Helpful Tip #22

Back up your important information- Specifically everyone’s phone number. I’ve never had my phone crash and die but in case I do I’m prepared. Originally my back up was a crude hand written paper with everyone name and cell phone number on it. Then I had a much better idea! I use Yahoo as my main email service and I took all of the phone numbers and inputed them into the contact section on Yahoo Mail. (Most email service offer this basic features) Yes, creating new contact information can be tedious and time consuming if you know a lot of people. A lazy version of this is to quickly type all the phone numbers in an email and send it to yourself. Save the email in a separate folder and you’ll always have it when you need it. (I email myself important info all the time) While you’re at it try and get the person’s address too. The great thing about having it saved electronically is that you can access it from anywhere. If your cell phone ever dies or is stolen now you’ll have a back up plan. We’ve all seen the Facebook updates: “I lost my phone and all my contacts. Text me your number.”
 If you have a persons address it can also save you in a couple a key situations. For example, one of your close friends has a death in the family and you want to send a card or flowers. You’ve been to their house…but what’s the street number and zip code? Nothing is worse then having to ask someone for their address just before sending them something.

P.S. If you need someone’s address you can visit It’s strangly accurate.

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