Jennifer VS Britney

All of my iTunes music is stored on my desktop computer which is about 7 years old and take about 1/2 hour to fully start up. So when I got a new laptop I decided it was time to make the long needed switch over. Needless to say the process was a pain in the ass and I was up until about 2:30 am. Luckily it’s done and now I can download easier and more often. Two of my first choices were Britney’s new song is Till The World Ends and JLo’s single is On The Floor. Both songs are good but when you watch the video’s there is a clear winner. Although Jennifer Lopez was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman, she can’t compete with Spears. JLo’s video isn’t bad but most of her dance moves consist shacking her hair extensions. And what’s with the feather collar? Good job Britney, you win round 1. As a side note: I hate when iTunes doesn’t load the correct album cover or shows it as blank! At least an hour was spent just updating album covers.

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