No I don’t hate you but there are many other words I detest. The English language has an endless amount of words to choose from. Not all of them are gems. Here are some of the words I can’t stand:

Couture- Over use has watered down and bleached it of all meaning.

Boo- Referring to a boyfriend. If you’re not an urban school girl you should never use this word outside of Halloween.
Diva- After 70 Divas Live concerts the word is void of all meaning. Miley Cyrus is not a diva.
Bling- Here’s a drinking game. Watch a show about a bride planning her wedding and take a shot every time she says Bling. You’ll be drunk before she buys a dress.

Husbear-This is almost as bad a Boo. The only saving grace is that it’s not as commonly used.
Panties- I asked Facebook what words people hated and this was the overwhelming winner. (or loser depending on how you look at it)

Moist- I don’t mind moist but everyone else (including my mother) hates it.

As a side note: Rue and Shank are two of my favorite words.

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