Body vs Personality

I’ve wanted to make this post for a while but I struggled to address the subject without it turning into public therapy. To avoid that trap I am going to pose it as a question: If you were single and had to meet a mate using only your looks OR your personality which would you choose? For example would you send someone a picture without any message or would you have a conversation without any visual. Meeting a guy online can come close to this experience but everyone always asks to see a picture or have a short conversation. (even if it’s just “What are you into?”)
What’s the point? The point: my choice would be to send a picture. I’m much more confident in my body and physical presentation. When it comes down to conversation and personality I feel much more insecure. Truth be told I’m not that interesting to be around. I’m very curious to know what everyone else would choose as their strength. I have a nagging suspicion that more people would choose personality. But maybe I’m wrong. So what about you…Body or Personality?

One thought on “Body vs Personality

  1. Well, I would choose personality. Not that choosing looks is the wrong choice. But, if I was going to find someone for a long term relationship, I'd have to assume that they like the way I look if they choose to be with me. If it's just based on looks, it won't last. If someone likes my personality, then 1. they're probably pretty boring, such as myself, and 2. We'll probably have more in common… or at least argue less… which makes for a better, less stressful relationship.


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