Another Gay Movie?

What happened to gay movies? Where did they go? Good or bad there really hasn’t been many gay movies that have come out recently. Granted many of the indie gay movies over the years have been crap. (ex: Broken Hearts Club) But we went to see them anyway because there was nothing else. Not every gay movie has been bad. Trick has one of the most famous gay lines in history. How many of you can finish the phrase “Have you ever had cum in your eye Gabriel?” Jeffery was an early favorite and Girls Will Be Girls is a classic. Now that homosexuality is more main stream then ever it seems like we have also faded away more then ever. On TV we’ve got Kurt on Glee and… who else? I can’t think of many gay characters outside of Logo. (and yes Shangela I’m glad you got voted off)  
I also wonder if Brokeback Mountain had anything to do with it. One of my theories is that it intimidated directors. Having been done so well, no one wanted to try and compete with it. This theory may not hold water but it still stands that gay movies have been on the decline. Hopefully the new of Girls Will Be Girls 2 will spur a change. Until then enjoy one of my favorite scenes from Brokeback Mountain. (This isn’t the best clip but its the best one on youtube that I could find)

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