Texas Bear Round Up

I don’t want to bore you with vacation memories. They are much more enjoyable to the people who where there. Everyone else just yawns and fakes interest. So instead I’ll just give the highlight reel:
The Big D dance was much more fun then I expected. The venue was deceptively huge.  
Jeff W. is an incredibly nice and genuine person.
My H&M shorts were a big success!
I will be tucking in tshirts from now on. It looks much better.
You have to put in an effort to have fun. You can’t expect someone to bring it over to you on a tray.

Our flight and airport experience was so smooth it bordered on bizarre.

I want Noah’s hair
As a hot man from Montreal said, “Single is a dying breed.”

Younger confident bears and chubby boys are hard to find. When you find one hold onto him tight!

If I hadn’t gone to the “spa” I would have deeply regretted it.

The origional man I jokingly called my “husband” was back in his glory. Bunny ears and all. Perfection.

Don’t take the drunk fool because he is the only of after you. (even if he has a big dick)
TBRU is the most organized event I’ve ever been to.
A busy sunny Sunday at the Hidden Door is alway a great time.
I didn’t realize “Charlie Sheen-ing” it had become a term.
Finding a man that loves to rim your ass is a gift.
My good friend made me proud. You went and got what you wanted. You deserved it.  
Dallas had the perfect weather. We came home to snow.
I didn’t get to use my new jock or my new cock ring.

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