A Hard Man is Goot to Find

I wanted to buy a new cockring. So I bought a couple different types to see which I liked the best. My favorite of the three I purchased is the Cock Sling from Forttroff.com. It was a lot easier to put on then I thought. The rubber is very stretchable and I was able to pull it open wide to fit over my package. What could be better? How about a choice of 6 different colors! (Naturally I chose light blue) A+

As for the other models, the reviews are as follows:

Classic Jelly: Forttroff gives you one free with any purchase. They are described as being built to last and one size fits all. The first time I put one on it started to rip and eventually busted. My balls must be to big. D-

Speed Shift: This came in a solid second place. It’s thin and durable and you can adjust the size to your comfort. The only drawback it that the snap closer is a little bulky. B

Thick (neoprene) Cockring: I wish they made this in a thinner version. The think version never fits me well. Otherwise this is a good choice. Warning: be careful of sizing. Go smaller then you think you are. I couldn’t choose between medium and large. I chose the large and it’s too big. C

visit http://www.forttroff.com/ for prices and additional options.

P.S. Message me if you want to see my pics with the new blue Cock Sling on!

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