Born This Way. Lady Gaga’s new video is amazingly bad. The mirror split screen? Really?
Katie Perry, your new song ET is good, but it was better when Tatu sang it and called it All the Things She Said.

Charlie Sheen is now the king of train wrecks. Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love and David Arquette have each thanked him personally for giving them a vacation.
Mike Huckabee called out Natalie Portman for being a shameful single mother. Even though she hasn’t given birth yet and is still with the babies father. However, he was noticeably silent when Bristol Palin got knocked up. Mike… look up hypocrisy in the dictionary. While your at it, look up Murphy Brown and Dan Quayle. They did this whole dance back in 1992. You’re an unoriginal hypocrite.

Whatever happened to Beck?


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