Another Gay Movie?

What happened to gay movies? Where did they go? Good or bad there really hasn’t been many gay movies that have come out recently. Granted many of the indie gay movies over the years have been crap. (ex: Broken Hearts Club) But we went to see them anyway because there was nothing else. Not every gay movie has been bad. Trick has one of the most famous gay lines in history. How many of you can finish the phrase “Have you ever had cum in your eye Gabriel?” Jeffery was an early favorite and Girls Will Be Girls is a classic. Now that homosexuality is more main stream then ever it seems like we have also faded away more then ever. On TV we’ve got Kurt on Glee and… who else? I can’t think of many gay characters outside of Logo. (and yes Shangela I’m glad you got voted off)  
I also wonder if Brokeback Mountain had anything to do with it. One of my theories is that it intimidated directors. Having been done so well, no one wanted to try and compete with it. This theory may not hold water but it still stands that gay movies have been on the decline. Hopefully the new of Girls Will Be Girls 2 will spur a change. Until then enjoy one of my favorite scenes from Brokeback Mountain. (This isn’t the best clip but its the best one on youtube that I could find)

Summer Essentials: Sneakers

Going into spring and summer there are some basics that every guy needs. I’ll start at the bottom with feet. As warm weather rolls in everyone will naturally turn to shorts. However, not ever pair of shoes was meant to be warn with your favorite cargos. I recommend Converse. (or anything in that sneaker style) They are cool and relaxed for summer. The BEST PART…you can customize you’re own pair at!! Starting at about $65 you can choose color options for just about ever detail and create hundreds of different combinations.  I spent almost an hour playing around.  

**Warning** Converse are some of the flattest shoes on earth. If you have high arches like me be warned.


Like the AA mantra: Let Go and Let God! I’ve given up trying to understand the world. But sometimes life presents me with a situation in which I must ask myself…Really? no Really?
I’m an acquired taste. Because of that fact I also tend to attract the more unique people men there. While in Dallas last weekend nne man who, while dressed in a dog costume for the super hero theme, said this to me. “Oh you’re from Connecticut? is that in the United States? (He was an American from Arizona) Yes Really! The next night I had a very drunk man ask me “Do you know a cure for hemorrhoids? Because I need a remedy!” At first I thought it was a joke and was waiting for a punch line…but he was serious. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.
Coupling has always fascinate me with it’s elusive nature. Who is paired up with whom is always interesting. Example: A cute younger guys messages me on Scruff. He had style and a belly. Perfect! I’ve seen him at bear events in the past and I always assumed he wasn’t interested. ( I always assume that…but that’s a story for another post) Anyhow, as we flirted online I put a call into the one and only Bear Rolodex to get the 411. As it turns out he has a older and somewhat unattractive boyfriend. Really? Maybe I’m just shallow and judgemental but what the hell is up with the trend of the mismatch relationship. I’m sure money and stability is a turn on for some, but can’t a cute poor guy get some love? 
I debated heavily with myself about the photo I should use with this post. I was going to use a picture of the actual cute guy and his boyfriend. However I decided against it because that would be too mean. But if you want to see it just ask. 🙂

Texas Bear Round Up

I don’t want to bore you with vacation memories. They are much more enjoyable to the people who where there. Everyone else just yawns and fakes interest. So instead I’ll just give the highlight reel:
The Big D dance was much more fun then I expected. The venue was deceptively huge.  
Jeff W. is an incredibly nice and genuine person.
My H&M shorts were a big success!
I will be tucking in tshirts from now on. It looks much better.
You have to put in an effort to have fun. You can’t expect someone to bring it over to you on a tray.

Our flight and airport experience was so smooth it bordered on bizarre.

I want Noah’s hair
As a hot man from Montreal said, “Single is a dying breed.”

Younger confident bears and chubby boys are hard to find. When you find one hold onto him tight!

If I hadn’t gone to the “spa” I would have deeply regretted it.

The origional man I jokingly called my “husband” was back in his glory. Bunny ears and all. Perfection.

Don’t take the drunk fool because he is the only of after you. (even if he has a big dick)
TBRU is the most organized event I’ve ever been to.
A busy sunny Sunday at the Hidden Door is alway a great time.
I didn’t realize “Charlie Sheen-ing” it had become a term.
Finding a man that loves to rim your ass is a gift.
My good friend made me proud. You went and got what you wanted. You deserved it.  
Dallas had the perfect weather. We came home to snow.
I didn’t get to use my new jock or my new cock ring.


This weekend is Texas Bear Round Up in Dallas Texas. It’s one of my favorite events all year long. I won’t go on and on about why you should attend other then to say there are currently 1200+ bears registered. I will also mention that it is by far the most organized event I have ever been to. The Dallas Bears have theri shit together and everything runs like clockwork. Check back on Monday for more details, stories and PICTURES!

Help Wanted

John Galliano
Help Wanted: Iconic French design house seeks creative head of it’s namesake brand.
John Galliano was fired last week as the creative director of Christian Dior. Gialliano was a extremely well known designer at an even more well know company. The termination has left a very coveted spot open in Paris and whom ever gets the job will become an instant leader in the fashion world. So who’s in the running? Officially Dior has said they are taking their time because they have to go through a lengthy legal process to terminate John Galliano. In the mean time two names have become the gossip front runners. Haider Ackermann and Riccardo Tisci. Ackermann just showed a collection that gave him the best reviews of his career while Tisci has been a long time favorite while designing for Givenchy. It will be interesting to see who’s chosen. I suspect it will be Tisci even though Givenchy’s Fall collection was ugly. (Tiger faces on the front of black velveteen  shirts. Gag!)
Haider Ackermann
Riccardo Tisci

Other names on the list:
Hedi Slimane
Stefano Pilati
Alber Elbaz
Alexander Wang
Olivier Theyskens

A Hard Man is Goot to Find

I wanted to buy a new cockring. So I bought a couple different types to see which I liked the best. My favorite of the three I purchased is the Cock Sling from It was a lot easier to put on then I thought. The rubber is very stretchable and I was able to pull it open wide to fit over my package. What could be better? How about a choice of 6 different colors! (Naturally I chose light blue) A+

As for the other models, the reviews are as follows:

Classic Jelly: Forttroff gives you one free with any purchase. They are described as being built to last and one size fits all. The first time I put one on it started to rip and eventually busted. My balls must be to big. D-

Speed Shift: This came in a solid second place. It’s thin and durable and you can adjust the size to your comfort. The only drawback it that the snap closer is a little bulky. B

Thick (neoprene) Cockring: I wish they made this in a thinner version. The think version never fits me well. Otherwise this is a good choice. Warning: be careful of sizing. Go smaller then you think you are. I couldn’t choose between medium and large. I chose the large and it’s too big. C

visit for prices and additional options.

P.S. Message me if you want to see my pics with the new blue Cock Sling on!