You Can Never Be To Thin?


The above are all pictures from when I was at my thinnest in 2003. The 2nd and 3rd pictures (going clockwise) are from when I was in Europe and I weighed approximately 180-185lbs. I posted these pictures because at the time I didn’t like the way I looked. Now looking back… I still agree. Especially when I look at the picture with my shirt off. I admit I loved being able to fit into smaller cloths. Buying a size medium was a thrill but it was a shallow victory. Below is the most recent picture I have of myself from February of 2011. In this picture I weigh roughly 255lbs. I like my body with extra meat. Ideally, I would like to loose about 15-20lbs to be healthier. Either way I’d choose the Joe below over the skinny mini above.

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