Greetings From Florida!

This week I traveled down to Naples, Florida to visit my parents while they were on vacation. Having traveled a bit, I wanted to share some of my best travel tips with you:

1. If you’re traveling to a scenic destination (i.e. the beach) always take plenty of pictures of yourself alone. Group shots are great for memories, but a solo picture by the water is great for your Facebook and Bear411 profile.
2. On the subject of taking picture: If it’s an important shot you’re taking my best advice it to take two. I’m the person in the picture that always blinks and I’ve learned this leason the hard way. Take an extra shot just as a back up.
3. When you’re flying during winter months build in an extra day for travel delays. If a major storm hits that extra day will become very useful. This is also true if your employer is not flexible and you need to be back at work on a specific day.
4. Bring good music. The Destiny’s Child greatest hits album #1’s is a good choice as is Madonna’s Celebration.
5. Beware of germs and drink plenty of water. The airport is a petri dish for germs so a little hand sanitizer does the body good. Water will keep you hydrated on long plain or car rides.

6. Pack Smart. Even if you’re traveling to the desert in August, always bring a hoodie and a pair of jeans. You never know when the weather will change or how cold it will be at night. Be prepared for unexpected temps. The last time I was in Texas I spent Friday in the pool and Sunday huddled in from the snow.

7. Don’t forget your chargers. Cell phone, IPhone, IPad, Laptop etc… Once you arrive you don’t want to spend the whole first day searching for a BestBuy.

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