Get Out Your #2 Pencils…


*Answers will be posted in the comment section*

Who is the only African American woman to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony?

– Halle Berry
– Diana Ross
– Whoopi Goldberg
– Oprah

On the Cosby Show, where did Vanessa go to have “big fun” and get her concert tickets stolen?

– Baltimore
– Long Island
– Philadelphia
– Newark

Which actor/actress was born in Australia?

– Nicole Kidman
– Mel Gibson
– Russell Crowe
– Hugh Jackman

Who was the youngest Golden Girl?

– Betty White
– Rue McClanahan
– Estelle Getty
– Bea Arthur

Which female artist was the top selling singer of the 90’s and won Billboard’s Most Popular song of the Decade (2000-2009)?

– Madonna
– Mariah Carey
– Janet Jackson
– Britney Spears

Which movie is NOT on the Top 5 All Time US Box Office chart?

– Avatar
– Star Wars (A New Hope)
– E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
– Shrek 2
– The Dark Knight

Who wore a Gap tshirt to the 1996 Oscars?

– Diane Keaton
– Meryl Streep
– Susan Sarandon
– Sharon Stone

The Lightning Round
Glee star Jane Lynch gained fame in the 2000 film Best In Show, in which she starts a magazine for the lesbian pure bread dog owner. What is the name of that magazine?

One thought on “Get Out Your #2 Pencils…

  1. 1.Whoopi Goldberg
    3.Hugh Jackman
    4.Rue McClanahan
    5.Marah Carey
    6.E.T. The Extra Terestrial
    7.Saron Stone

    The Lightning Round: 'American Bitch'


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