The Globes Fashion Game

Here’s a game: I’ll leave my opinion out and let you decide who I think is the best and the worst. Here is a hint: There are 6 Worst dressed choices, 9 Best dressed choices, and 1 Wild Card. I’ll comment on this post with the answers



Ok, so I didn’t win the lotto…but what if I did? What would I do next? This is what I think about whenever I’m driving or my mind is blank. For example. would I give people money? If so, how much? I don’t know everything I would do, but here is what I know for sure:
Step 1: Go see a financial planner. I’m not a money expert, so let them figure out how much to I should be saving, spending, etc. I’ve seen too many shows on Lotto winners who go bankrupt 5 years later.
After leaving the financial planner’s office I would drive straight to the airport and get on a plane. Best idea is to get away and figure shit out. A money bomb has just blown up which probably fucks you up in the head. Rest, relax, figure out a plan. Depending on the time of year, I probably go to a tropical destination to sit on the beach for a couple days. Either that or go shopping in Vegas.
When I returned home, my next purchase would be a new car. Big expensive flashy cars are not my thing and they don’t impress me. (Most of them seem like a big waste of money) However I do need a new one because the Matrix has close to 140,000 miles on it. Also see my earlier post about the Mini Countryman.
The major step would be to buy a condo. My dream is to live in Blue Back Square. There was a 2 bedroom unit for sale a couple of months ago for $650,000. So you can see why I’ll need a lotto ticket for the move. As for a second home…I’d like one on the beach but I’m not sure which beach? So the summer home might take more time.
Other things on the to do list would be to sign up for laser eye surgery. Only if they could fix my vision without having to actually touch my eye with a knife. That’s a deal breaker.

10 Steps to Becoming a (Gay) Man

There are rights of passage that every gay must fulfill on their way to becoming a man:

1. Get de-friended

2. Feel Punk Beebe’s balls.

3. Get a flat and have to change your own tire.

4. Go into Credit Debt

5. Have sex with a trick that you later regret as a total waste of time.

6. Have a threesome with a couple. One of which is uber hot and the other you’re just doing to get to the hot one.

7. Buy fun (usually overpriced) underwear for an underwear party.

8. Know how to respond to the question: “Have you ever had cum in your eye Gabriel?”

9. Accidentally start to feel up a friend in a dark back room.

10. Work in retail or food service

Rediscover Music From Your Past

I uploaded a bunch of old CD’s to my iPhone recently and I found tremendous joy in rediscovering old music from my past. Here is some of the music that defined my youth. The album Seasick by Imperial Teen is one of my all time favorite CD’s. (It’s in my top 5) The sad part is, now the album has been almost completely forgotten. You can’t find it on iTunes and there are no videos on YouTube. If you ever get a chance, give it a listen. You will find their song Yoo Hoo from the Jawbreaker soundtrack. It’ll gives you a good idea of their music.


Beep! Beep!

I like my car but it’s horrible in the snow. HORRIBLE. We got snow this weekend and my car prevented me from going out Saturday night because it took me 45 minutes to get out of the drive way due to a patch of ice about 1 foot wide. Part of that 45 minutes was walking to Walgreen’s to get salt and ice melter. Side note: My sister’s SUV was able to get out with no problem at all. Right now I drive a 2003 Toyota Matrix which has served me well and hopefully will last up to the 200k mile mark. (I’m at about 140,000 now) The Matrix is just the hatchback version on a Corolla and therefore not designed for heavy winter travel.
As I sat home last night I started to think about what my next car should be. I want something good in the snow, and my dream would be a cute hybrid car with 4wd. That being said, the only cute cars that fulfill that narrow criteria are an $88,000 BMW or a $108,000 Lexus. Everything else is a huge clunky SUV from Ford or Chevy. No Thank You to any of the above. So I’ll have to widen my search. Getting a car that is good in the snow leads toward the 4wd SUV market. I’ve never been a huge fan of SUV’s because I don’t like being that high off the ground. (In addition to the poor MPG ratings) That’s when I found it. My new DREAM CAR: The Mini Cooperman ALL4.  I’ve always wanted a Mini and now they have a 4 door model with all wheel drive. Perfect! If you go onto their website you can build and customize your own model like I have done above. Now the only problem is the $30,000 price tag. Does anyone have $18k taking up space that they’d like to get ride of? I’d be happy to take it off your hands. In return, you can get the first free ride.