Life Lessons

To start the new year, I wanted to share some life lessons that I’ve picked up along the way.
1. Alcohol will lower your inhibitions, making it easier to hook up. However once you get the guy, the alcohol will also have killed your erection.

2. If you go to a leather event, a sci-fi convention and a renaissance festival, you’ll probably see a lot of the same faces.
3. Before you go on a gay date, always ask the question: “Are you single?”
4. Don’t be self conscious about dancing. No one will care because they are all to busy being self conscious about their own dancing.

5. American Dad is under rated and Family Guy is over rated.

6. I don’t trust people who refuse to tell you their age.

7. When a telephone operator puts you on hold and there is no music, most likely you are just on mute. Be careful what you say because they can hear you.

8. If you’re at a bear event and want to strike up a conversation, here are some universal topics to bond over: Sci-fi/Fantasy, the latest tech gadget, video games, and Charmed. (My relationship status is also clear due to my lack of interest in any of these topics)

9. The people who love drama the most are the people who constantly talk about wanting a ‘drama free’ life.

10. Sarcasm can create problems when texting. Proceed with caution.

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