I Hate Cliché Tattoos

Tattoos, Friends or Foe? I like the idea of tattoos but I’m not sure if they’re right for me.
One problem is…where on the body do you get the tattoo? Ink on a man’s calf muscle is a classic that always looks great. Plus your calf muscle will not sag as much as other parts of the body. Once aging sets in, your once flat tummy will have grown and stretched. It’s something to think about…What will this look like in 15 years? Will my pec muscles be in the same place when I am 50?

The arm band in a very popular spot. However it looks best when there is some muscular definition. As much as I love chubby boys, I am not always of fan of a chubby arm band. It’s not a totally bad look, but proceed with caution. Side Note: The best arm band I ever saw was Pac Man being chased by the blue ghosts!

Tramp Stamps must be mentioned. A tattoo on the lower back can look good but beware of the connotation. Some people even think of it as a bull’s-eye for cum. I still like it though despite what the critics say.

For the more hardcore guys, sleeves are the way to go. There is no going back after getting your arms completely covered in ink. The boy pictured above has a belly tattoo which looks hot! (despite the bizarro Arabic script) I have no way of knowing if this boy has a connection to middle eastern culture. He may… but I find it doubtful. If you are not connected to a culture, do not get their language tattooed on your body. Think of how many blonde college girls have Chinese symbols on their shoulders. You’re not Chinese, you do not know Chinese, and you are not Buddhist. Stop being tacky with cliché tattoos. Have a tattoo that has some connection to your life or one that is visually creative.

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