The Horoscope Test

The fun with horoscopes is to read them at the end of the day to check for accuracy. That gave me an idea. posted horoscopes for 2011, and below is mine. The big test will be in 2012 when I look back and read it to see if they got anything correct.


Now that Chiron is finally coming out of your work sector this February after an extended seven-year saga of pushing every social insecurity button known to man, your work environment should be considerably less painful. If you’ve had trouble with co-workers or employees, you’ll finally feel like you’re getting some thicker skin compliments of Neptune moving out of your work sector between April and August. Use this planetary reprieve to take a more detached attitude towards all of the drama.
The absence of Chiron and Neptune in your work sector facilitates renewed confidence in your talents. You can stop second-guessing your skills and put more energy into furthering your assets. With a major eclipse pattern hitting your career sector in June, you can expect monumental changes to occur in your professional life between June and next January. This is the year for your hard work to pay off. Plus the lessons of compassion and heightened sensitivity you’ve learned over the past several years will only work to serve you in reading people’s subliminal motives and assess who is a true ally and who to avoid at all costs when doing business.
Between the end of January and June, Jupiter comes back to bless your sector of legacy and other people’s money. You’ll likely be gifted with a considerable karmic jackpot in the form of a donation, gift, inheritance or loan. Do you still have issues receiving? Now is not the time to look any gift horses in the mouth Virgo. You’ve more than paid your dues with the amount of free help, guidance and other such service and now it’s your time to receive and replenish the well.
Your love life is beyond rich and transformational again this year. After enduring a prolonged deprivation spell, where true love seemed like something that only happened to other people, your turn for real love has arrived. Chances are you’re already in the midst of a very soulful tryst that began last year. But if you happen to be one of the remaining diehard hermits, get ready to experience one of the most intense romantic encounters of your lifetime. Your birthday season tops the charts in garnishing romance and pleasure, so be sure to take some time off to properly enjoy the amorous gifts of Venus.
You’ve got two powerful planetary energies working to make your love life the stuff movies and dreams are made of (and for the long haul.) Neptune, the planet of dreams and soulful experience will take up residence in your relationship sector this April to bring you a preview of what’s to come for the next fourteen years in radically spiritualizing your relationships. And then Pluto, the god of the underworld continues the excavation begun in 2008 in your romance sector. Over the next 14 years you can count on Pluto to bring unparalleled intensity and reveal hidden aspects of your self through the vehicle of romance. Nothing light or frivolous anymore when it comes to love, Virgo. If it’s not a

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