My New Years Resolutions


Every year I make New Years Resolutions that I take seriously.

For 2011 I resolve to:
Be optimistic. Optimism is the theme of 2011. I’ve been through a ton of shit and life can only get better. This year will be bigger and brighter. The year of the come back!
Be more responsible with my health. I usually only go to the doctors when something is wrong, and even then I only go to a local walk-in clinic. I haven’t had a primary care doctor in a decade. In 2011 I will try and be more responsible and make routine appointments to maintain health and wellness. 
Pay off Debt. I did it once, I can do it again. When 2012 comes, I vow to be totally debt free. With my car paid for I can use those monthly payements toward my Visa bill.  
Let go. Oddly this resolution was inspired by the movie Black Swan. Natalie Portman was told to relax and loose control in order to be the best Swan Princess. In her case, she lost control and tried to kill herself, but I think the general sentiment still holds. I tend to get caught up in my head and over think everything. So this coming year I will actively work toward letting go, thinking less, and doing more. I’ve learned that I have to keep putting myself out there even if I keep getting hurt.

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