Eastern Europes Newest Export

Take a good long look at the model of the right. At first glance, would you say man or woman? The model is in fact a young man by the name of Andrej Pejic. Pejic (19) is the new hot commodity in the fashion world. Strong and butch is out and androgyny is back in a big way. Shown here with Karolina Kurkova while shooting a new add campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier, they look as if they could be sisters. He has also been chosen by Marc Jacobs to head the spring campaign for the Marc by Marc Jacobs label. While it’s not my taste, if you’re looking for a “maybe it’s a girl or maybe it’s a guy” look, he is defiantly the king. Do a Google image search for Andrej Pejic and check out his photos. He REALLY looks like a woman. I can only imagine his potential if Rupaul could get a grip on him.

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