Black Swan vs. The Social Network


I thought I’d give a general wrap up of 2010 Movies. Easily the two best movies of the year are The Social Network and Black Swan. However if I were an academy voter, I don’t know which one I would choose as the best film of the year. It’s a very tough call because the two movie are so completely different. Black Swan is a gritty psychological thriller where as TSN is based on a true story. Before I saw Black Swan yesterday, I had the Social Network locked as the best movie of the year. But Natalie Portman changed that. Now I am very torn. I’ll be tuning in come Oscar time to see what Hollywood decided.
Kinight and Day also deserves and honorable mention as a guilty pleasure favoite. The Tom Cruise and Cammy Diaz flick is by no means an Oscar contender, but it’s just a fun movie. Cruise is cast perfectly as a crazy ex-CIA agent. Not surprisingly…he plays crazy very well.

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