A Look Back at 2010

I feel like I’ve lived through a war these past two years. and there have been a lot of lessons learned during all of the battles of 2010. I hope the war is over and life will go on much more smoothly in 2011. Which has also inspired me to add a New Year’s resolution involving optimism. This past year marked the end of my retail career which had lasted for a total of 8 years. I loved working at the mall for many of those years, however I should have left earlier then I did. When your instincts tell you to move on…LISTEN! But what’s done is done. I got out and that’s all that matters. The other major change this year was my move to West Hartford. Again, this was a wish I had had for many years but I lacked the budget and roommate to fulfill it. Now I’m in the insurance business and living in an apartment with my sister. A far cry from this time last year. 2010 Has also brought many new adventures in my personal life. Granted, many of the adventures I would have paid good money to avoid. But as the saying goes: “That which does not kill us, can only make us stronger.” I won’t bore you with all the details because I made a promise to myself not to use this blog as my personal therapy session. What I will say is, much of what happened this past year was about growing up and getting a clear picture of who I am and what people think of me. The good news is I’m able to laugh off some of it already, and hopefully as time passes the laughing will continue. No one knows what 2011 will bring, but I hope that it brings new friends, new experiences, and new beginnings.
Also, keep an eye out for my official list of 2011 resolutions coming soon!

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