The Golden Globes

The Hollywood Foreign Press announced their 2011 nominations. The Golden Globes signal the beginning of awards season. (I was going to try and make a sports analogy using ‘first round drafts’ and ‘cuts,’ but I don’t know enough about sports to make sense of it) I won’t bore you with every category and nominee, but here are some of the highlights. One thing to remember is that the Globe’s have separate categories for Comedy and Drama. I’ll start with Drama…Best Picture is a close race between Black Swan and The Social Network. Personally my vote goes to the Social Network. Best Actress will go to Natalie Portman for the Black Swan, the rest of her group is a bore other then Halle Berry. But Halle already has a globe, so give it to Portman. I’d like Jesse Eisenberg to win for Best Actor for his turn as the founder of Facebook. As for Best Supporting Actress, I’d love it if Mila Kunis won (Black Swan)…if only to think that Meg Griffin would be an award winning actress.
The comedy categories get a bit more bizarre. Apparently The Tourist is a comedy. Who knew? It got nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Actor. This is laughable. The Hollywood Foreign Press knows they need big stars to get big ratings. If they nominate Angelina and Johnny Depp, then the two stars will be much more likely to attend the show. That’s a cheap ploy and it’s probably going to work. Oh, and did I mention Burlesque is nominated for Best Picture. Way to set the bar high Golden Globes. There was one saving grace, Emma Stone was got a nom for her performance in Easy A. (Easy A was one of my favorite movies of the year) The Golden Globes also has nominations for television, but those went as expected. Glee, Mad Men and Modern Family all got their share of bids.

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