Did Someone Say Sale?

When was the last time you bought porn? Watched, downloaded, streamed…yes, but actually ordered and delivered? Even though buying porn seems outdated, I’m a till a sucker for a sale. I got an email from BearFilms.com which was offering all their DVD’s for $20 each. (Normally $40-$50) They got me at the right time and in the right mood and I ended up spending $80. Most of that money was spend on DVD’s staring AJ Hardwood. (not surprise) He’s just hot. Even in person he has tremendous sex appeal. So, there goes money I don’t have on porn I don’t need. However I’m still looking forward to getting the package in the mail. Isn’t that what Visa is for… Buying impulse porn online staring your want-to-be husband?
visit http://www.bearfilms.com/ for more pics and videos. However I think the sale has ended.

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