An Apple A Day…

I hate going to the doctor. Several years ago I went to the doctor for my regular STD test and was ready for the “safe sex” talk that accompanies it. The lecture is understandable and doctor’s should inform their patients as much as possible. However on this occasion, the doctor felt the need to lecture me on my salt intake. Never a word was spoken about condoms or risk factors, just questions about sodium. This is a good representation about how I think about doctors. No matter what the problem is, it always comes back to poor diet and lack of exercise. So with that in mind, I don’t go. Why waste the $20 co pay when I already know the answer to my question. Normally, I could go to my mother who has been a nurse her whole life for medical advice. However she is worried I’ll have a heart attack at any moment. The other night my sister called her around 10pm, just after mom had gone to bed. Being a natural worrier, my mother was convinced this was finally the phone call saying that I had just had a heart attack. This really screwed with my head. God forbid I have pain in my arm, now I instantly think “that’s a sign of a heart attack” rather then “it’s probably just a cramp.” I don’t need anymore crazy, my head is stock full already.

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