Whatever Happened To…?

You always here the stories about “Where are they now?” with regard to celebrities and tv stars. Well, I’ve taken that idea but applied it to the internet. For example, what ever happened to MySpace.com? Back in 2006 MySpace was the topic of everyones conversation…and just a year or two later everyone had moved on.
Next is Chubnet.com which holds the title of the very first website I ever joined as a paying member. Just your average chubby guy porn website, but as the internet grew and changed Chubnet seemed to get left behind. 
Back in 1998 the two power house gay websites were PlanetOut.com and Gay.com. Planet Out is the website that my parents found on their home computer and thought was porn. I stupidly admitted to the porn thinking I had forgotten to delete the history during my last yank session. In it’s hay day, PlanetOut was a great site that had a variety of gay content. Now it has been absorbed into the Gay.com world. Gay.com as you may remember was the main way to find guys to hookup with back in 2002. The “Green Screen” (named for the green background of the chat rooms) was a series of local chat rooms that connected on honry guy with one another. It paved the way for Manhunt and Adam4Adam etc.
While you’re taking a strole down memory lane…don’t forget about AIM and Prodigy.

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