‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ Trailer HD

I’m not easily offended, but Jim Carrey’s new movie makes me raise an eyebrow. I often ask myself, are they laughing at us or with us? The new movie ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ walks that fine line. Let me be the first to say, I have not seen the movie, so this is all speculation. Hopefully it will be funny, light hearted and nothing more. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to boarder on bad gay puns and stereotypes. Check it out for yourself and decide.


Costello and Tagliapietra

I wanted to give a shout out to two of my favorite ready to wear designers Costello and Tagliapietra. Apart from their great designs, I also love their personal look! Let’s be honest, most fashion designers look like a train wreck. For example, I adore John Galliano but he looks like a gay pirate. But these husky hotties are right up my alley. Check out style.com for a more photos and info. The pictures below are two of my favorites from their Spring 2011 show which premiered in New York this past September.

1 Girl 5 Gays

Logo has just started running a new show “One Girl Five Gays.” It’s from Mtv Canada. I think it’s worth watching, although I still haven’t decided what I think about it yet. The premise is that it’s a round table discussion with, as the title says, 1 girl and 5 gay men. Topics include 20 questions about love and sex. A revolving group of ‘regulars’ are featured with the female host Aliya Jasmine. AJ is the most likable character. However, the problem is that the men chosen tend to be a little self righteous and even a little prudish. Check it out weeknight at midnight on Logo or Logotv.com to watch full espisodes.

It’s non of your business

With Facebook becoming more invasive of our lives, privacy can go out the window. I thought I’d remind everyone of some tips I’ve picked up to help maintain some your boundaries. The first and easiest tip: It’s a bad idea to list your employer in your profile. I picked this tip up several years ago at a legal seminar at work. The theory being if you list your employer, all the content of your page can then reflect on the company. For example, let’s say you work for a Enron and have risqué pictures on Facebook. Enron could turn around and fire you because you are representing them in a negative light. That being said, you are not home free just because your employer is unlisted but it helps.

Second, get to know the Facebook security settings. Facebook has implemented some new security features but you have to go and find them because most are not the default. One way to help make your life easier is to associate every friend with a specific ‘Friends List.’ Family may go onto one list, while work colleagues could populate a second. You can then go ahead and assign each list specific security settings. An offshoot of this setting is one most people are unaware of. The next you are updating your status notice in the bottom right corner the small symbol that looks like a padlock. When you click the lock and choose Customize>Edit, you can specifically choose who will be able to view this post. So the next time you are drunk and posting how horny you are, do your 12 year old niece a favor and exclude her. (or include only her if that’s what you’re into) If you’re skeptical like I was, I tried it out and it worked. I posted something and hid it from my sister. Then I went on using her account and it was successfully hidden.

Keeping Warm

 To update your look this winter get these two key pieces. First a pair of cut off gloves. Channel your inner Madonna with this pair from the Gap for $14. Next is a knit hat with a brim. The built in brim is key to turn the otherwise boring skull cap into a trendy option. I love the snow flake pattern on this hat from American Eagle for $20.


Picking Favorites

I like lists. They usually take shape in the form of my Top 5 Favortie _________ .

This week’s list is My Top 5 Favorite Vacations. It was very easy to choose which vacations stand out as the top five. In no particular order: Nice, France; St. Maarten; TBRU in Dallas, TX;  Paris, France; and Walt Disney World Orlando. Special mention goes to Las Vegas which almost beat out Disney for the last spot.

The Secret Boyfriend

Boy meets boy. Boy likes boy. Friend tells boy about boy’s boyfriend at home.
I’m learning! This weekend I thought ahead and asked Bob the simple question “Wait, does he have a secret boyfriend I should know about?” That’s called progress. On a related note, the man who began the Secret Boyfriend phenomena came to Albany with said boyfriend. It’s always fascinated me who people pair up with. As a casual observer, some partnerships make sense while others leave you wondering…WTF?
Otherwise, it was a great weekend in NY as always.