Favorite IPhone Apps

There are millions of IPhone apps out there and I don’t have that many dowloaded when compared to most people.  I will only download an app if it’s free and I know I will  use it. Here are my top favorite apps of all time. Facebook goes without saying because it is easily the app I use the most. The other four might not be as obvious. One of the first apps I ever downloaded was Style.com. There are many features to this app and I never use most of them. The one and only feature I use is “Look of the Day.” It features 5 pictures and you have to choose which outfit you like the best. I LOVE it. Tumblr is an app that one of my great friends turned me on to. Although I prefer to use the real web version, it’s still the best way to kill time looking a naked pics of hot guys. Flixster’s app has become a necessity. Looking up movie times online is the biggest pain in the ass because all the movie sites are so loaded down with adds. Flixter is simple and easy to use. Last, but certainly not least is the Yellow Pages app. I have a love hate relationship with the YP. The app is a bit slow and clunky, however is the most useful app I have ever used. Not only can you find the name phone number for businesses, it also links you to directions. I have used it more times then I can count!

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