Epic Fail

I’ve had a bad week. Ok, lets be honest…it’s been more then a week. I’ve been unsure how to address everything is one post. However. after tonight I knew I needed to post something.

People still surprise me. Last week I started chatting with a guy who said he was new in town and wanted to meet me for dinner. Naturally, I assumed this was a date. I was wrong. Lesson #1, unless he specifically uses the word ‘Date,’ never assume. It turns out he has a partner in Stamford, CT. He also hoped I’d be a stoner. Or as he put it “You’re not what I expected. I thought you were going to be a cute chubby stoner. But your into material things, look at your fancy sweater.”

Is this for real? Am I in the Twilight Zone? Talk about being kicked when you’re down. I was hoping this date could lead to something more, or at least give my self esteem a boost. That was an epic fail. As a result, I’m thinking about going into hibernation. How wonderful would it be if I could just curl up in my big empty bed and spend the next 3 month fast alseep.

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