Great Movies You Forgot About


Trainwreck Fashion

As Christian Seriano said, some celeb’s can be a “Hot Tranny Mess” and I love it. Nothing is more fun then seeing a a trainwreck fashion moment. Sometimes the look is straight off the runway and totally inappropriate for real people. That was the case for Madonna (see below) who wore a dress and head piece straight from Marc Jacob’s show for Louis Vuitton. It looked fierce on the runway, but now Madonna just looks like a bizarre bunny rabit. Others, like Madame’ Gaga, just look for the shock value of wearing meat head to toe. All in all I applaud these looks. Thanks for keeping fashion fun and interesting.


Why wait until January 1st to make a resolution? The following are my new Love Resolutions.

I vow to stop falling for men with a partner.

If you are not into me, I will not be into you

I have wonderful friends, but I need to focus on and find more that are single

I vow to stop falling for men with a partner

Learn from Sara…I will be more outgoing and ignore past disappointment. Forge ahead!

My new mantra is:  FUCK THAT I’M FANTASTIC!

What’s Your Theme Song?

When I was in college we used to do “Guess the Straight Person” panels. It was a learning exercise created to break down stereotypes in the gay community. The basic concept is you have a mix of gay and straight people and the audience must guess based on asking questions and physical appearance. One of the best questions I was ever asked was “What’s your theme song?” It’s a really good question. Music has always been extremely important to me. When I am feeling depressed nothing turns things around like an upbeat Madonna dance mix. Conversely, Pink’s song “Glitter in the Air” once caused me to have an emotional break down while driving home. It still stirs emotions when I hear it. My personal theme song is still the same song I answered the question with 8 years ago. “Video” by India Arie.

What’s Your Theme Song?