Fun Underwear!

 I love fun underwear! By definition a pair of fun underwear is usually not as comfortable as they are cute. My favorite brand is Andrew Christian (also know for being a contestant on the Bravo reality show The Fashion Show) He makes great underwear that are designed to make your ass and dick look it’s best. Also try out his swim suits! To me, fun underwear is gay specific. Mostly because gay men love underwear parties. When choosing a pair for an underwear party, follow these simple guidelines:

First, Don’t wear white briefs. Although they are a classic American staple, solid white briefs only look good on models. On the average man they look more like a diaper. Even if you have a great body, you better be nice and tan because pure white will always make you look extra pasty. Second, Fit is everything. Nothing makes my dick go limp then to see a man walk away with saggy underwear. They should be fit and tight. When in doubt, go a size smaller to show off the curve of your ass. Remember, fun underwear is for looks, not comfort. Third, Have fun. Don’t take life to seriously. Try and find undies with cute colors and patterns that make a statement…and make sure that statement is “take me home with you.” One of my favorite pairs is covered in small images of Madonna! (from her Vogue video) Another pair has a built in cock pouch to lifts my balls up.     

Some final thoughts. With regard to fit, I find briefs difficult to wear because they never look good on me. Briefs look best on a man with a nice round bubble butt. I find square cut boxer briefs to be the most universally attractive.  My other favorite is a jock strap. Jocks look good on EVERYONE! If you have a great ass, a jock will highlight it’s best features. If you have no ass, the straps work as a frame to define it. The one thing to always remember about wear a jock at an underwear party is that it’s gives people the ability to play with your ass. Personally, I that’s why I wear one, but if you don’t want that kind of attention, then you should leave it at home.  In conclusion, fun underwear should make you look good, boost your confidence, and get you laid.

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