What I’m Listneing To at the Moment

 I came home last night around 11pm and spent the next 4 hours on Itunes. Most of the time was spent uploading old CDs. Some of the songs I haven’t heard in years and it was a joy to bring them back into my life, However, I did download a couple new songs. Shontelle’s newest song Perfect Nightmare and Rihanna’s Only Girl(In the world) . Shontelle, you may know from her first single Impossible, which is a beautiful song that comes highly recommend. and you can never go wrong with Rihanna. The funny thing is, if you listens to the lyrics of both Rihanna and Shontelle they both tell a similar story. And for those of you who know me well, I swear that I chose these song because they had a good beat and not for the lyrics. (Which I may or may not identify with…)

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