America’s Next Top Model

Tyra’s is on Cycle 15! Can you believe there has been 15 season’s of that lovable trainwreck show? This season features Andre’ Leon Talley, Vogue Magazine’s Editor at Large. This is shocking only because Talley is a legit fashion big-wig. He’s also a huge flaming homo who wears custom made designer ponchos. That being said, I figured I’d take a walk down memory lane and compile a list of all the previous winner. Most of whom you’ve probably forgotten about.


 Cycle 1 Winner Adrianne Curry




Cycle 2 Winner Yoanna House (My Personal Favorite) 

Cycle 3 Winner Eva Pigford

Cycle 4 Winner Naima Mora

Cycle 5 Winner Nicole Linkletter

 Cycle 6 Winner Danielle Evans

 Cycle 7 Winner Caridee English

 Cycle 8 Winner Jaslene Gonzalez

 Cycle 9 Winner Saleisha Stowers

 Cycle 10 Winner Whitney Thompson

 Cycle 11 Winner Mckey Sullivan

 Cycle 12 Winner Teyona Anderson

Cycle 13 Winner Nicole Fox

Cycle 14 Winner Krista White

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