Let’s Begin

I love men, cookies, style, pugs, shopping, sex, bellies, TV, cute underwear, travel, weekends in Mystic, Alexander McQueen, movies, Miss Piggy, out going personalities, dancing, and design.

I decided to start this blog to add my unique point of view to the conversation. I believe what you wear says a lot about you and cloths should always be make you feel good. Men are better with meat on there bones and smiles on their faces. As a smart man once said, “Life is to short to take small bites.” (Maurice Punk Beebe) We were all born naked and we usually have the most fun naked…unless there is a costume involved.
This blog will be part pictures, part links, part written diary. However, I always remember what my junior year English teacher told me. “Show me, don’t tell me.” So with every story, I will try to include a visual reference.

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