Delete Your Account Phi Phi


After season 4 Phi Phi was clearly hated by Drag Race fans for being the bully to super star Sharon Needles. Coming back to All Stars Phi Phi’s main goal apart from wining the crown was to rehab her image. I think she was so focused on trying to manipulate the situation in her favor that she’s forgot to have fun and focus on the challenges rather than the outcome. Roxy Andrews is a perfect example of the best way to improve your image. I’d argue that after season 5 Roxy Andrews was more hated than Phi Phi ever was. Phi Phi’s rival Sharon Needles fought back which made for great tv. Roxy was going up against Jinx Monsoon who never fought back and therefore the whole thing came off as severe bullying. Coming into All Stars I think both queens had the same goal of fixing the public’s perception. Roxy has done a great job coming off as fun and likeable and I suspect everyone has all but forgotten her past image. For some reason Phi Phi can’t seem to climb out of that mean girl role. If she wants to come off as nice why is she constantly harping on Alyssa for going against their pack? Let it go and move on because by continually bringing it up she’s only giving the producers what they want. On top of all that she’s on social media constantly stirring the pot. Her edit isn’t as good as she wanted but it’s not horrible. It kind of reminds me of a the edit Ginger Minj got on season 7. Ginger came off as kind of bitchy but not the devil. When she returned to All Stars she laughed it off rather then constantly bring it up. Phi Phi forgets that the public, especially social media, has a short memory for these things and as soon as a new season starts the past is quickly forgotten. Does anyone still hate Acid Betty? Has anyone thought about Acid Betty since season 8? If Phi Phi had thought this out she would have laughed off her previous image and not constantly revisit it. Stop reminding us of who you used to be and show us who you are now. As much as the producers can manipulate the show they can’t make you say things you didn’t say. While I’m sure there is a lot of blame to share with the show Phi Phi needs to acknowledge her own flaws.


After last week’s episode Phi Phi had a mini breakdown on Twitter announcing that she will not be attending the reunion because the producers again manipulated her image. She even blasted RuPaul’s recent Emmy win. I don’t doubt that some fans are hard on her especially since she’s the resident bad girl again this season. However something didn’t sit right about the whole thing. After four episodes the tone hasn’t changed all that much. Why now? If anything this episode started to redeem her a bit because she finally did well and reached the top 2 which indicated that the tides might be turning in her favor. Regardless she broke down on Twitter claiming to have locked herself in the bathroom crying because the producers had manipulated her so much. Amongst the tweets she also announced that her new album had come out that day under her boy name. There is was, that was the missing link that made all her bullshit make sense. Not only did that cancel any sympathy  I had for her but I also now question all of her motives and cries for of sorrow.

Looking at everything through this new skeptical lens I think I can put together what happened. Phi Phi probably didn’t make the top 3 and overall wasn’t as successful on All Stars as she wanted. In fact I suspect she goes home soon if not on the next episode.That would explain why her breakdown was timed with episode 4 which wasn’t that bad to her. She knew she had to get attention soon because her time on the show was almost over. In the year since filming (the show was filmed in August 2015) she decided to move away from drag and instead try and start a singing career as a boy. It seems she also decided to use her edit and manipulation to her advantage and thus exaggerated her hurt feelings as a tactic to get attention. This would also distance herself from the show so that people would take her more seriously as a boy singer. Unlike Alaska whose album announcement and show appearance had perfect symbiosis, Phi Phi’s  attempt at making up drama as a PR move just came off as pathetic and manipulative. Hopefully it’s worth it because that bridge is burned beyond repair. Instead of rehabbing her image Phi Phi just cemented it and made herself the butt of years of Drag Race jokes.

11 Thoughts You’ve Had At Pride

With Dallas Gay Pride this Sunday I wanted to share some thoughts we’ve all had. 

  1. It feels like amateur day filled with It Gets Better teens and middle aged lesbians. 
  2. Why won’t they move this to Saturday night?
  3. Drag queens have to walk for miles in the hot afternoon sun with their dicks in their asses and I’m complaining about having to go a block up to cross the road. But seriously, is he hot enough to make it worth trying to cross the road? 
  4. Rainbows are tacky AF. 
  5. I bet at the end of the day every Über is filled with glitter thongs and fairy wings. 
  6. Instead of actually watching the parade I think I’m going to stay inside the air conditioned bar and get drunk. 
  7. My balls need more powder. 
  8. I’ll never be as cool as the Dykes on Bikes chicks. 
  9. I know it’s my gay duty to go out and be proud during Pride but I just want to go home and watch Netflix. 
  10. At least I can stock up on free condoms and Mardi Gras beads with the Bud Light logo. 
  11. Has Iggy Azalea’s career sunk to Pride level yet or are we still stuck with (insert name of random 90’s one hit wonder dance diva)?

Baldwin Booty and Topping Tatum 

You’ve just won a date with a Hollywood hunk. Here’s what you can expect:

Matthew McConaughey: Making plans is hard as he doesn’t want to nail down any specifics. You end up finding him at a bar hovering around the backroom. You suggest going back to his place but he blows off that suggestion with a nonsense excuse. He’s only down for some dirty public sex either in the car or on the pool table in the back of the bar. You can already see the outline of his pierced dick in his tight jeans so you make a mental note not to chip a tooth once your down there. For a moment you consider quitting once you notice the dark lighting is only good for hiding his weathered leathery skin. You soldier on though because gagging on the PA of an Oscar winner is a great story to tell your friends. As expected he murmurs an Alright alright alright soon after cumming. Although it was a fun time you write it off as a one time thing because he was clearly high and you didn’t even get to see his Oscar.

Chris Pratt: After talking to Chris you quickly realize how down to earth he is especially when he recommends his favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden, for dinner. Once seated he explains that he has a few months off before his next movie and is excited to relax and enjoy the vacation. After ordering the Tour of Italy and finishing off his third basket of bread sticks you start to bond over a love of Game of Thrones and alfredo sauce. He spills some secrets from Parks and Rec and you admit to jerking off during Jurassic Park. Once home you swap blow jobs on the couch while watching HGTV. After he leaves he sends you a Snap of his dick with the dog filter on it. You reply with your face swapped with your dog’s butt. It might be true love.

George Clooney: The evening starts out wonderfully as George brings you to a very expensive restaurant. The magic is quickly squashed when you realize the price for your dinner is a 2 hour long rant about social injustice and the election. When he stops to take a call from Bono you consider texting McConaughey to see if he’s out. Matt never responds so you’re stuck with George as he continues on with his diatribe. You end up at his place with your main motivation being a curiosity to see his house and the possibility of getting a pick with his Oscar. You wait as he takes a very long shower and it’s becoming clear he’s a huge germophobe. The sex sterile and unexciting at best. When recalling the evening to your friends the next day you realize that neither of you actually came. After a donation to his charity you ghost him and never respond to his texts again.

Channing Tatum: Rather than go to dinner and a movie Channing brings you out to his lake house to chill around the bonfire. After grabbing some beers you head out on his boat to smoke cigars while going over last night’s game. At the end of the day when you’re back in the cabin he removes the enormous butt plug he’s had in all day and puts on some tight nipple clamps. Good thing you haven’t been skipping your cardio because his demanding hole requires Olympic level pounding. You’re left drained and dehydrated and he’s left with a severe nose burn from all the poppers. You’ll consider a second date but only after some serious endurance training.

Zac Efron: Zac is very direct and he tells you straight out that his favorite thing to do on a first date is to watch the extended directors cut of High School Musical. He points out all the subtle nuances of his performance often rewinding each scene for analysis as you wish for the sweet relief of death. You manage to hang in and not harikari yourself and at this point it would feel like a failure to quit before the sex. Your face ends up in a pillow in front of a huge mirror and apart from the distinctive sound of the record button being tapped on his iPhone the only thing you can hear is your date quietly chanting “Zac. Zac. Zac” with every thrust. Before you leave you give him Clooney’s number.

Alec Baldwin: Alec tells you to meet him at a local deli down the road that’s famous for their roast beef sandwich. Even though you’ve never heard of the place you’re quickly won over by the best sandwich you’ve ever had. Alec is dressed casually and you can see his thick salt and pepper chest hair poking out from under his tight plaid shirt. After you embarrass yourself by calling him Jack Donaghy he reassures you there is no reason to be nervous as his large strong hand grips your thigh. Back at his place he suggests you both hop in the pool to cool off. Without any modesty he sheds is clothes as he walks toward the water. You marvel at the site of his thick furry butt and can’t resist taking a picture for your spank bank. After a wet and heavy make out session you both get out and he pushes you down on the padded chaise lounge chair next to the pool. He moves his ass over your face and quickly lowers himself down. The lack of air is difficult but you choose rimming over breathing. You can tell he’s jerking off because you feel his heavy balls slapping on your chin. After a while he starts to grunt and you feel ropes of hot cum land on your belly. Even though he doesn’t help you get off and he basically only uses you for your tongue you still add his number to the favorites on your phone.

Chris (and Liam) Hemsworth: You’re so excited for your date with Chris Hemsworth. At the last minute he calls to inform you that brother Liam is in town and will be tagging along. The three of you grab drinks and the brothers spend the whole night horsing around and reminiscing about their days back at camp as you quietly sip a vodka diet in the corner. At the end of the night you’re drunk and hoping to finally ditch loser Liam but surprise surprise he tags along to the bedroom where it’s revealed that he likes to watch. What results is a very passionate 3way because Liam apparently likes to do a lot more than just watch. You’re so stunned by how affectionate the two brothers are with each other that it takes you a moment before you realized that they’ve moved to the other side of the bed and all but forgotten you. You stay for a bit to watch before quietly slipping out the door unnoticed amidst the sounds of grunts and groans.

MAD About Architecture

I was looking up the Harbin Opera House designed by MAD Architects and I ended up diving deep into the world of architecture. Having already mentioned the Via 57 West Building in New York, here are some other very interesting buildings to check out around the world.


Harbin Opera House (China)



Fake Hills (under construction, China)



World Trade Center Transportation Hub (under construction, New York)



Sheraton Huzhou Hot Springs Resort (China)



Interlace Apartments (Singapore)





visit for more information:

You’re Allowed To Hate Assholes

Humans are complex animals. In my last post I focused on the rage I feel when someone says “That’s why they hate us.” I wanted to shed light on the topic because it’s one that doesn’t get talked about much. However my post should not be used as a tool to make blanket generalizations about every feminine gay man or rather your reaction to them. After I made the post several people reached out asking if the post was about them. It was not about any single person because I’ve heard that phrase or ones similar used over and over again. I knew why they were asking though. Reexamining your past can make you question the motivations for the feelings you might not have dealt with before. You may not have said the exact words but were the underlying feeling the same? The answer is not as cut and dry as you think. 

The idea of hating someone is often vilified but in the appropriate situations it’s a very legitimate feeling. When talking about hate everyone gets very defensive in fear of being labeled as intolerant. Hatred is a complex emotion with several different dynamics going on. Two of the most important dynamics that needs to be separated are a person’s actions vs who they are. If you find yourself disliking a feminine guy you might genuinely have some homophobic issues that you need to work through. Conversely he may also be an asshole that deserves to be hated regardless of his femininity. A good way to tell the difference is to ask yourself a question: Does he make me angry or uncomfortable? If he’s doing something to you that’s causing you to be angry then that’s a sign of warranted hate. If he just makes you generally uncomfortable then you’re probably the type of person I was talking about in my previous post. Appropriate hate is tied to specific actions while inappropriate hate comes from disliking someone for who they are. Maybe you have a low tolerance for obnoxious bitchy behavior. Unfortunately some (not all) very feminine guys tend to lean on bitchiness as a crutch trying to emulate drag culture where reading is fundamental. A bitchy queen is a great example where it’s easy to jump to the conclusion of internalized homophobia even though there are other factors at play. I remember 2 years ago we stopped for dinner after the annual Pride celebration in the Dallas gayborhood. As you can imagine the place was full of gays who hadn’t seen sobriety in hours. We ended up getting seated next to a table of particularly loud and flamboyant men who weren’t saying no to the margarita refills. Suddenly we were surrounded by finger snaps, ear piercing laughter, and the word girl slurred about three hundred times. It really was hellish. I love a witty comment and a caddy comeback as much as the next queen but this table had gone deep into obnoxious territory. They got so loud that we were having trouble hearing our own conversation and this was a 5pm dinner not midnight at a bar. On that day I hated those gay men. Were they flamboyant? Yes. Were they rude and obnoxious? Yes. I hated them because of their actions and because their lack of self control ruined my otherwise perfectly good meal. So while very feminine men deserve respect that doesn’t give them carte blanche to be assholes. No one gets a free pass to be an asshole. Simply stated: hate a person for what they do not for who they are.

Our culture has never done well with nuance which tends to create a very polarized society. This is only magnified online where everyone is pushed to one end or the other. You’re either the bully or the victim, the sinner or the saint. As we know life isn’t that clear cut and within all of us lies both sides of the coin. With that in mind I figured it would be helpful to provide some senarios as a way to model appropriate actions and reactions: 

  1. A man walks by carrying a women’s purse. His choice of clothing or accessories has no impact on you. If you don’t like it that’s your issue not his.  
  2. A friend comments on a Facebook picture of you and your mom, “Your mom is a fierce cunt. Werk bitch!” This is  clearly inappropriate. Although his intentions were good (in a fucked up way) he’s still an asshole. 
  3. A man wearing a full face of makeup. Again his choice of appearance has no impact on you at all. If it makes you uncomfortable it’s because of your own bullshit. 
  4. Bruce Jenner deciding to transition and change his name to Caitlyn Jenner. This was a incredibly ground breaking moment that deserves total respect. 
  5. Caitlyn Jenner choosing to continue her support for the Republican politicians. That’s just fucked up. Trailblazers can still be assholes. 

That’s Why They Hate Us

I love gay men in all their varieties but I hate when a gay man says, “That’s why they hate us.” Whenever I hear it my blood starts to boil and the fight music from Kill Bill fills my head as I try to avoid a rage stroke. If you’re lucky enough to be unfamiliar with this phrase let me explain. It’s usually used by more masculine leaning gays to describe a gay man who is comfortable with his femininity. The ‘they’ in question refers to Republicans and religious leaders who condemn us for having what they believe is an immoral lifestyle. Even though I should ignore the phrase and write it off as internalized homophobia I can’t let it go. The term internalized homophobia is a buzz word that, like bullying, has been overused and watered down so let me take this opportunity to dig down and unpack everything that’s wrong with the phrase, “That’s why they hate us.” 

First the basic logic of the phrase is flawed. Over the past few decades we as a community have done a great job at changing people’s attitudes toward us. One of the most successful ways this has happened has been through entertainment with shows like Will and Grace, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Before that it was Elton John and Liberace blazing a fabulously flamboyant trail in music. I’d argue that straight people actually like flamboyant gay men the most. Every girl wants a fabulous gay best friend that she can gossip and shop with. For example NBC hired flamboyant figure skater Johnny Weir as a commentator for the summer Olympics simply because the public loved him. Therefore the phrase would actually be more accurate if it was “That’s why they love us.” It still doesn’t change the fact that there’s a large number of people who hate gay men. When a person hates someone for being gay it’s because they’re a bigot. Plain and simple. That hate has nothing to do with clothes, lisps, or hand gestures. The problem lies within them. 

Sometimes when I’ve challenged the phrase with a person they explain it by saying something akin to, “I just don’t see how anyone would find that attractive.” So fucking what?! There is a very important distinction that needs to be made. Just because you don’t want to fuck him doesn’t mean he deserves  disrespect. So many gay men determine the value of another man based solely on his looks. We all know guys who are bad friends that use and mistreat people but they always seem get a second chance because they’re hot. I’ve tried pointing this out to many of my bears friends in the past but they look at me like I’ve just said the earth is a triangle. Unfortunately the concepts of value and sexual attraction are very hard to untangle but be aware that they are separate. Humanity, kindness, humor, talent, and intelligence all have nothing to do with the way a person looks. 

Lastly and most importantly when a gay man says “That’s why they hate us” what he’s really saying is “That’s why I hate us.” It’s his own shame, ignorance, and yes internalized homophobia being projected onto another person. His deep seeded need to blend in and be just like everyone else creates a fear of anyone who challenges that safety. A brave and flamboyant gay man challenges every part ourself that still hides in the closet.